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This sphinx-based resume builder system is pivoted toward programmers on github to create a solid resume.

  1. 2013 by Tony Narlock.

BSD, see LICENSE for more details.

class sphinxcontrib.github.GitHubRepoDirective(name, arguments, options, content, lineno, content_offset, block_text, state, state_machine)

Bases: docutils.parsers.rst.Directive

Directive for Github Repositories.


Append self.options[‘name’] to node[‘names’] if it exists.

Also normalize the name string and register it as explicit target.


Throw an ERROR-level DirectiveError if the directive doesn’t have contents.

directive_error(level, message)

Return a DirectiveError suitable for being thrown as an exception.

Call “raise self.directive_error(level, message)” from within a directive implementation to return one single system message at level level, which automatically gets the directive block and the line number added.

Preferably use the debug, info, warning, error, or severe wrapper methods, e.g. self.error(message) to generate an ERROR-level directive error.

sphinxcontrib.github.github_pr_role(name, rawtext, text, lineno, inliner, options={}, content=[])

Here are some docs.

  • rawtext – Text being replaced with link node.
  • app – Sphinx application context
  • type – Link type (issue, changeset, etc.)
  • slug – ID of the thing to link to
  • options – Options dictionary passed to role func.
sphinxcontrib.github.github_repo_role(name, rawtext, text, lineno, inliner, options={}, content=[])

github repo role.